Box Profile Xtras

  • Juniper Green standard stock colour
  • Other colours to order
  • Tek & stitcher screws, plus foam fillers

Product Details

Box profile polyester-coated steel sheets provide a cost-effective roofing option for a wide variety of buildings including stables, workshops, garages and larger sheds. Our standard box profile colour is Juniper Green but other colours* are available to order. To help you get the best from your roofing project we carry a selection of products that help with installation

Tek Screws for box profile roof sheets

Firstly, there are two main questions to answer when choosing Tek roof screws.  Firstly are you fastening the galvanised roof sheets to timber, or, are you fixing them to steel purlins?  Secondly, when that has been determined you will have to consider what length to purchase – bear in mind it is normal to fasten the steel sheets through the valley, not the ridge, of the box profile

Tek screws fastening to metal

22mm Tek Stitcher Screws (Steel to Steel) box 100

32mm Tek Screws (Box to Steel) box 100

51mm Tek Screws (Box to Steel) box 100

85mm Tek Screws (Box to Steel) box 100

105mm Tek Screws (Box to Steel) box 100


Tek screws fastening to timber

22mm Tek Screws (Sheet/Timber) bag 100

22mm Tek Screws (Sheet to Timber) box 100

32mm Tek Screws (Sheet to Timber) box 100

45mm Tek Screws (Sheet to Timber) box 100

60mm Tek Screws (Sheet to Timber),  box 100

80mm Tek Screws (Sheet to Timber) box 100


Hex Head Roof Caps

Because we stock Juniper Green Box profiling sheets we only tend to keep the Juniper Green hex caps in stock.  They are sold in multiples of 100


Foam fillers for standard 32/1000 Profile

With foam fillers the larger flute is usually fitted at the ridge, filling the inter-profile between ridge capping and the castellated roof sheet, this filler fits on the outside of the sheet.

The smaller flutes are then used under the roof sheet at the eaves, with the small flute filling the inter-profile cavity between sheet and structure.

Bonded butyl sealants can be applied to the profile, the base or both, offering an improved weather seal to the box profile roofing.


Aerosol Touch Up Paint

Handling box profile and flashings isn’t always the easiest of things to do.  Because things can go wrong you can purchase our Juniper Green Aerosol Spray Paint, BS12B29 Semi Gloss. However, by using this paint you should improve the service life of the roofing by covering any install damage to the roofing sheets, plus covering up unsightly scratches will improve the appearance of the installation


Butyl Strip Sealant SWRP10

Finally, keeping the roof watertight. This butyl strip-sealant is laminated to a clear tear-resistant film. It is used as a seal along the side-lap joints on metal panels, it is not designed for use on end-laps.  SWRP10 butyl has a dual purpose, to act as a moisture barrier tape and also an air seal. Because the product has a high tack adhesive for instant grab it provides good adhesion to metals and plastics. However, while the SWRP10 can be used in working temperatures from – 40 to +90 degrees centigrade the temperature when installing must be at least 5 degrees centigrade.


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