Guttapral Corrugated


  • Sheets 2.0m x 950mm
  • Black or Green sheets
  • Black or Green ridges
  • Translucent sheets from stock
  • Gutta nails in boxes of 200
  • Ridges can be used as verges

Product Details

These Guttapral corrugated roofing sheets are made from colour-saturated and formaldehyde-free bitumen. The colour is mixed with resin to prevent the colour peeling off and the colour intensity of the sheet increases after several weeks exposure to light. At Southern Timber we carry both the black and green sheets in stock, red sheets can be obtained in minimum quantities of 50 sheets. We also keep stocks of the gutta bitumen ridges in black and green, they can also be used as verges/barge boards for the sides of the roof.

Translucent sheets and Gutta nails are also held in stock for this corrugated roofing. When using translucent sheets it is important not to store them in direct sunlight.  This is because if translucent sheets are stored in a stack they can overheat and the profile can even change shape.

In order to guarantee a uniform quality, Gutta bitumen corrugated sheets are monitored continuously during production and they carry a manufacturer’s 15-year guarantee for water impermeability. All Gutta corrugated bitumen sheets are CE certified and comply with the European Standard EN 534:06.

The fibres, the majority of which run parallel to the corrugation, result in a high flexibility. The gutta bitumen corrugated sheets thus facilitate an optimum matching. This also means they must be well supported with either ply sheeting or counter-battens. High stability with low weight of 5.2kg for each sheet which measure 2.0 metres long x 0.95 metres wide.

The minimum pitch for the roof is 10 degrees; recommended counter batten spacing.  Instructions for roof design are included in the boxes for Guttapral nails.  These fitting instructions can also be downloaded in Adobe Acrobat pdf format on this page.  Also available from stock are the Gutta profile foam fillers to help prevent rain being driven under the corrugated profile.  If you do use the foam fillers you must allow for some air flow within the building so that moist air doesn’t stay within the building and cause condensation.  We also stock flexible Gutta ridges which measure 420mm from one metal cleated edge to the other.

These Gutta bitumen sheets are easy to cut. We have found the best way is to use an older saw with medium or coarse teeth because in warm weather the saw teeth will clog a little with the bitumen. The Guttapral corrugated roofing sheets look good in most settings and the green (or black) colours fit into most garden settings.

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