FloPlast Black Miniflo

  • Mini rainwater system
  • Designed for smaller buildings
  • Ideal for sheds & summerhouses
  • Stocked in black finish
  • Practical and easy to install

Product Details

The MiniFlo rainwater system
FloPlast MiniFlo is a smaller rainwater guttering system based on the original FloPlast half round profile.  This MiniFlo system uses a 76mm diameter round gutter (semi-circular) and a 50mm diameter round down pipe.  This compact size makes it ideal for many garages, sheds, greenhouses, summerhouses and garden buildings. We stock this rainwater drainage system in black.

Designed for smaller buildings
The size and capacity of the MiniFlo system is intended to handle the rain that runs off smaller roofs.  The gutter and down pipe diameters mean they would not cope with the potential volumes of water from a larger roof.  Guttering systems will collect rainwater for the buildings roof and depending on the buildings base work & ground drainage will divert water away from the building.  This is particularly important with wooden buildings, pooled water around the base of the cladding & carcassing timber is likely to be absorbed and cause premature rot and deterioration

Installing guttering systems
We have provided a downloadable pdf for reference on FloPlast’s brochure on the installation of rainwater systems.  Each installation is different but the attachment gives advice on spacing brackets for guttering and down pipes, which outlets should be used where and what gradient to allow for on the guttering.  Both gutter and down pipes are supplied in 2 metre lengths.  If you require any advice then please email us on info@southern-timber.co.uk or call 01803 – 813803

Collecting & Storing Rainwater
Gardens and water – there always seems too much or too little. Water Butts are useful for collecting rainwater and depending on location provide an alternative to the laborious trek back to mains water outlets, or dragging a hose around the garden.

The FloPlast MiniFlo rainwater Diverter (RVM1) is specifically designed for the FloPlast mini guttering and allows water to flow from the down pipe straight into the garden water butt.  When the butt is full the diverter’s design means that water then bypasses the diverter and continues through the down pipe.

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