FloPlast White Square

  • Rectilinear profile guttering
  • Flow capacity greater than Half Round
  • For new builds or refurbishment
  • Stocked in white finish
  • Practical and easy to install

Product Details

The Square Line guttering system
Square gutters have become increasingly popular during the last few years, our FloPlast square guttering is approximately 114mm wide by 60mm deep.  The cross section isn’t totally square, it is actually rectilinear, but the flow rate is slightly higher than that offered by a half round gutter system.  The Square Line rainwater system provides a cost effective solution for new build properties and for general property refurbishment and improvements.

Compatibility of rainwater guttering systems
While it is recommended not to mix rainwater systems FloPlast Square Line guttering is broadly compatible with Hepworth (Clickfit), Brett Martin (Squarestyle), Polypipe, Hunter (Squareflo) and Marshall Tufflex.  When matching with existing guttering it should be possible to determine
the brand by checking some of the components, invariably the brand will be stamped on most components. You might need an adaptor to ensure a good transition. The Square Line 114mm system where required can be fitted with 65mm round down pipe if required by using the RDS2 adaptor (special order only).

Guttering Capacity
FloPlast Square Gutter capacity varies between 1.7 litres per second (fixed level with the outlet at one end) and 3.95 litres per second (fixed at 1:350 with a central outlet). Surprisingly this is almost double that flow rate of Half Round Guttering, and more than ample to cope with the flow from a standard pitch, domestic roof.

The carrying capacity of any gutter system is determined not only by its size, but also by the position of the rainwater down pipes in relation to the gutter and the fall to which it is laid. All gutter systems can actually be fixed level, although FloPlast recommend that a fall of 1:600 is incorporated (approx. 17mm in 10 metres).

To keep the guttering system working efficiently it is important to keep gutters and down pipes free of leaves, moss and debris. Either the GutterBrush or FloGuard should help prevent the build-up of this type of debris.

FloPlast recommend if you are planning to put guttering on a very steep pitched roof, or a larger than average surface area such as a large roof barn or commercial building then consider using  the Xtraflo rainwater system.  This uses 170mm by 108mm guttering with a 110mm down pipe.

Handling and product storage
Although the FloPlast rainwater system is both strong and lightweight care must be taken when handling and storing the product.  The colder it gets the more brittle the product becomes. It is recommended to keep gutter, down pipes and fittings stored out of direct sunlight.  Most rainwater fittings are supplied in plastic bags and if they have to be stored outside, then the bags should be opened to prevent any temperature build-up.

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