22 x 150 Sawn Timber

  • Large stocks available
  • Pressure treated timber
  • Sawn home grown (UK) stock
  • Variety of timber section sizes
  • Choice of lengths available
  • Eligible for next day delivery

Product Details

Home grown product

Most 25mm timber carcassing is home grown, it is normally used for cladding or fencing applications, with no need for regularising or grading of timber. The most popular application for this timber is for cladding, it is often referred to as Yorkshire Boarding.  Additionally the timbers are used for rustic, garden, fencing and other non-structural applications.  These boards are cut front fast growing trees in the forests of Scotland, Wales, Ireland and parts of Southern and northern England. Although it is referred to as 25mm the finished board thickness is almost always 22mm.

Sawn and pressure treated timber

All of our 22mm timbers are pressure treated with Tanalith E, or similar, timber preservative. These timbers are intended for use above the ground layer but where the timber may be subjected to the risk of wetting. To improve the timber’s service life any cross-cuts must be treated with two coats of Ensele end-grain preservative treatment.

Timber appearance

The timber will generally be unspecified softwood, most usually Sitka spruce, and there may be colour variation between boards even from the same pack. Boards will ultimately fade to grey but if colour variation is a problem in the short term it is recommended that the boards are stained earlier in their service life. The boards are stored out of doors and at some times of the year the boards will be damp.

It is conceivable that some boards will have some wane on the board edges, that is perfectly normal within the specification. If a more contemporary finish is required then we also stock planed Scandinavian redwood. This planed timber has a smoother finish of approximately 144mm x 20mm.

Pales and fencing materials

150mm board widths are useful for cladding and fencing projects.  They are stocked at a variety of lengths to allow them to be cross cut at popular lengths. As well as treating the cut ends with Ensele it may be worth using a sawn length of timber as a capping board to provide more protection to the top of the boards. These 150mm width boards have always been popular for “hit and miss” fences.  We stock 1.8 metre boards for this application. Gates can also be made to match this style of fence.

Stocks normally kept in Yard

1.8 metres, 22mm x 150mm
3.0 metres, 22mm x 150mm
3.6 metres, 22mm x 150mm
4.2 metres, 22mm x 150mm
4.8 metres, 22mm x 150mm

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Delivery details

Usually within 1- 2 days

Next Day Delivery

We offer next day delivery, when required, for our normal delivery days (Monday to Friday) and areas. Customers are requested to phone in before 12.00pm on the day prior to delivery with their complete product listing, delivery address and payment details.