• Large stocks normally available
  • Pressure treated timber batten
  • Ideal for garden trellis application
  • Normally imported product
  • Other batten sizes available
  • Eligible for next day delivery

Product Details

Batten stocks

We normally keep four different section sizes of batten in stock, and since 2013 we have been supplying two different grades of 25mm x 50mm roofing batten. Our 19 x 38mm batten is sometimes referred to as trellis batten

Small section battens, 19mm x 38mm and 25mm x 38mm

For some types of roof the 19mm x 38mm and 25mm x 38mm battens have been traditionally used.  One example is where the 25mm x 38mm could be used for plain tiles.

At Southern Timber we supply the 19mm battens primarily for trellis making and battening for cladding installations. Under some circumstances 25mm x 38mm can be used tile roof coverings and fibre cement slate.  However, it is ultimately the customer’s responsibility to determine what product is required for their application.   The batten can also be used as a counter batten with the Guttapral bitumen roofing sheets on smaller buildings. These battens are generally imported, but sometimes home grown stock is supplied.

Phone to order

01803 813 803

Lines open 7:30 - 17:00 Mon - Fri

Delivery details

Usually within 1 - 2 days

Next Day Delivery

We offer next day delivery, when required, for our normal delivery days (Monday to Friday) and areas. Customers are requested to phone in before 12.00pm on the day prior to delivery with their complete product listing, delivery address and payment details.