Hardie Floor Internal Flooring 19mm

  • Install direct to joist
  • Weather resistant, no film required
  • Works with underfloor heating
  • Superior heat transmission
  • Up to 67% less deflection than wood
  • Tile direct, no need for extra overlay
  • A2 fire rating

Product Details

James Hardie HardieFloor is a revolutionary structural floor solution when chipboard just isn’t good enough. The patented cement formulation makes HardieFloor a durable solution for joisted floors and gives a quality robust feel underfoot. Because it is weather resistant the floor won’t be damaged by the elements during the build, or moisture damage in wet areas after the build.

After HardieFloor is installed; it can be tiled onto directly without any overlay, it acts as a structural floor and a cement backer board in one. Because of it’s dimensionally stability it won’t expand or contract like wood when exposed to moisture or temperature changes. So there is no worry of a squeaky floor, a common callback for builders. Please watch the YouTube trailer for more details

FAQs on HardieFloor
What better way to answer your questions than by listing the most common ones we get asked?

Q. HardieFloor® can be used with a nail gun, but what if I like to use screws?
A. We recommend for 19mm HardieFloor® to use 40mm corrosion resistant self-embedding heads. The board does not need to be pre-drilled.

Q. HardieFloor® is as easy to cut as timber, but do I need special equipment?
A. We recommend the HardieBlade® saw blade because its diamond tips produce larger dust particles to help reduce the risk of respirable silica. Never use a carbide blade or continuous rim diamond blade.

Q. What if carpet or vinyl has been installed and someone wants to tile over HardieFloor® at a later date?
A. If vinyl adhesive has been applied to the board, tiling direct to board is not recommended due to the damage that could be caused when removing the vinyl from the flooring. In this case, HardieBacker® 6mm backerboard should be installed over the flooring prior to tiling.

Q. Do I still need to tank a wet room?
A. Yes, the floor should be waterproofed using a suitable waterproofing system up to 1 metre from the shower former.

Q. Is HardieFloor® suitable for use with wet under floor heating?
A. Yes, HardieFloor® will not swell or buckle due to the temperature changes occurring when the under floor heating is in operation. Its thermal conductance properties mean your heating system will react faster and conduct more heat to warming the room.

Q. Can I install electric floor heating mats onto HardieFloor®?
A. Yes, you can in accordance with the heating manufacturers installation instructions.

Q. Do I have to glue the T and G joints like I do with chipboard?
A. No you don’t, the tongue and groove is designed as a dry fit joint. Sealant only has to be applied to the machined recess on the HardieFloor® joint.

Q. How do I join HardieFloor® to tongue and groove jointed wood based floor sheets at the boundary to the wet area?
A. In accordance with the wood sheet manufacturers installation instructions, in most cases this will involve the gluing of the joints with the manufacturers recommended PVA glue.

Q. What happens if it’s raining when I come to install HardieFloor® and the roof is not on the building yet?
A. Rain doesn’t stop play with HardieFloor® interior flooring, its unique formulation means it won’t rot, swell, crack or shrink when exposed to the harshest of weather during the build.

Q. Why is HardieFloor® made in a sheet size of 500mm?
A. HardieFloor® is 500mm wide to cut down on weight and make it easier to carry. The critical dimension of the board is the length of 2400mm


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