Metal Buildings

Metal buildings complement Timber structures

In addition to our timber sheds, cabins and summerhouses we offer a range of metal garages, sheds and storage options. Metal buildings should cope with most weathers and normally require a regular but simple wash and wipe down for maintenance

Metal Garages, Pent & Apex Sheds

Our range includes metal pent and metal apex sheds along with a selection of 4 large garages. Metal sheds are great for providing low maintenance storage options. It is important to remember with all metal sheds that they must be anchored securely to the ground to prevent movement when exposed to strong winds. For all other base arrangements, the shed will need to be bolted directly to the base upon which it is assembled.

Metal Sheds and Ventilation

One thing to watch with any shed, timber or metal, is condensation. Some buildings may have built-in ventilation but if there is a build-up of condensation you can usually increase ventilation by leaving a door or window open when required

Garage and metal Shed delivery and assembly

All these products include free delivery to addresses on the UK Mainland.  Each building is supplied with assembly and maintenance instructions which provides more details.

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