Anti Slip and Decks

Anti slip and decks.  Anti-slip deckboards have become increasingly popular.  While it is possible to buy newer decking with anti-slip properties this isn’t always the answer.  For those of us with standard decking there are retrograde steps that can help.  Even those with top-of-the-range anti-slip deckboards will have to undertake some maintenance as well.

 Planning your deck

Plan your deck’s location. Deck installations that face North are always going to struggle with a slippery surface.  Bushes and trees also can stop the sun and wind from drying the boards, they also drop their leaves in the autumn and sap in late Spring.

 Anti-slip deckboards

Well if you need new deck boards with Anti-slip credentials we can offer Millboard Composite or the  Premier Anti-Slip deckboards from stock.  Walksure boards from Metsa can be obtained to special order.

Retro-fit Anti Slip

Another option would be to add retro grip inserts to your timber decking.  We can provide free sample strips to check compatibility with an existing deck. Alternatively our aluminium anti-slip plates can be surface fixed to profiled or smooth decking.


There is no substitute for a little maintenance.  Depending on your boards you might need a combination of Osmo reviver gel, a gentle power wash and finally some Liberon decking oil to finish.

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