Balustrading is normally used to visually finish a deck and also to make it safe for use.  The key components are as follows:

Posts, Planed Posts  and Newels

Timber deck frames should not be in ground contact, they should be supported by short timber posts, slabs or brick piers.  We keep suitable sawn posts starting at 900mm through to 4.8 metres long if required.  Planed posts (ex.75mm and ex.100mm) are sold as long lengths or ready finished 1.25 metre and  2.4 metre newels.

Decking Handrails

Stocked items include traditional styled handrail and baserails machined from 38mm x 100mm timber. Therefore because of their size these rails should only be used with larger 82mm and ex-100mm posts. Similalry stocks of planed, tanalised timbers are kept for tradesmen to construct more contemporary balustrade designs.

Spindles and Spindling

Almost all rebated handrail systems are sold with 41mm x 41mm straight spindles.  These spindles are available in 900mm and 1100mm lengths, the latter length for decks more than 300mm off the ground.  Spindling machined from 38mm x 38mm timber is also available for those installers constructing something more contemporary.

Decking miscellany

Where the height of the decking isn’t an issue we can order toughened glass panels and rebated timber handrail/baserail systems.  providing there is sufficient lead-time Iroko posts and spindles can also be machined to order.

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