Deck Accessories

Deck accessories are generally items that are not essential with a deck but add to the functionality, or appearance of the deck.

Polyhemp Rope and Fixings

Firstly, Polyhemp rope provides a versatile barrier for decking and landscaping applications.  We stock 28mm polyhemp rope because it has more presence in the garden.

Matching 28mm rope fixings are stocked in solid brass and chrome finished brass.  These metal fixings finish the install nicely and are also preferable to drilling holes through the posts.

Decking Oil

Decking oil serves several purposes. Any exterior surface can become slippery, especially where there has been a build up of algae. This is one of the reasons we recommend customers gently wash and then brush their decking twice a year. We stock a range of Osmo, Rustins and Liberon decking oil products which penetrate into the timber to help preserve the timber. They also provide a surface coating to reduce the absorption of moisture and UV damage.

Anti Slip products

Anti slip products follow on from decking oil naturally.  Grit Strip deck boards are the ultimate option in deck accessories. Grit Strip deckboards are recommended for any step installations. Low-slip decking oil should be considered for decks where there are algae build-ups that regular maintenance can’t clear the boards completely.

Decking Balustrades

Many decks feature a balustrade for both appearance and also for safety.  If a deck is more than 300mm above ground level then it must have a balustrade fitted. See here for more details

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