Hardwood Decks

Why consider hardwood decking?

Hardwood Decks have a certain something about them.  Firstly they seem to suit both traditional and contemporary settings equally.  A well  maintained and oiled hardwood deck looks lustrous and water beads off the surface. Hardwood decking is more expensive than softwood. However, a well designed and constructed hardwood deck should provide a significantly longer service life.

Profiled and smooth boards

We keep balau (also known as bankirai) smooth and profiled hardwood deckboards in stock. Hardwood deckboards lengths are normally between 3.3 and 3.9 metres.  While profiled boards normally offer more grip, but well maintained smooth deck boards should not offer any major problems. Smooth boards can also be used to indicate changes in deck level and produce smaller, more functional deck areas.

Hardwood decking maintenance

Softwood, hardwood and composite deckboards all need some maintenance to keep them looking good and reduce any algae development. Because hardwood deckboards are air dried and untreated, there will inevitably be some colour variations between boards. Regular oiling will help to even out any colour differences, alternatively the boards can be cleaned but allowed to go grey. Finally, it is recommended to allow 3-6 months to elapse before oiling so that any tannin can leach out of the timber.

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