Osmo is a well established manufacturer of wood finishes.  Founded in Germany in 1878 by Osmo Holz, the company have continually developed and refined there oils to be come the market leader within this sector.  All Osmo oils have been developed from natural vegetable oils and ingredients making then safe for humans, animals and plants.   Leading the way in 1978 they launched the first spreadable wax, soon followed by the first wax and oil based finish.

In 1990 Osmo Holz und Colour launched Osmo UK continuing with the same market leading ethos as the parent company they have grown and diversified in to other markets including flooring.

Osmo product range continues to grow, as you can understand we do not keep all their products in stock.  If you are requiring a specific product please make sure you have the Osmo product code (i.e. 3032 or 4006) so that there can be no confusion on ordering the correct item.

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