Namgrass Accessories

Namgrass accessories complement their artificial grass range. Their range includes adhesives and cleaning materials.  Based in Devon we can supply Namgrass to England and Wales. These accessories can also be delivered to Scotland, the Isle of Wight and the Isle of Mann

Geotextiles and weed fabrics

Geotextiles, or membranes, are used to stabilise the ground. They also minimise the chances of weeds growing through.  It is essential these fabrics are made an integral part of the installation

Artificial grass adhesives

Adhesives are sometimes required on larger installations.  We supply the Namgrass branded 2 part adhesives in tub form, plus the gun adhesive.  Jointing tape is also required when joining two pieces of artificial grass together.

Keeping the artificial grass lawn clean

Last, but not least, consideration must be made for cleaning.  Most garden debris can be removed with brushing. However there is animal waste to consider.  Nam Cleaner is formulated for use with artificial grass. There is a 1 litre spray and a 2 litre top-up tub available.

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