As a rule of thumb un-insulated building loses up to a third of its heat through its walls and roof.  Building regulations have become increasingly demanding and any new build or renovation involves the purchase of insulation products

Insulation is available for cavity, solid and external walls – invariably they use mineral wool fibre. Timber frames for external walls have increased in size, 140mm of insulation is now common. Loft and roof insulation is an effective way of preventing heat loss.

We keep stocks of mineral wool, rigid and foil insulation to allow for different circumstances.

Blanket mineral wool options such as Knauf Earthwool RWA45 also provide acoustic insulation and fire retarding benefits. Batt mineral wools are more rigid and can be fitted between rafters and joists.

Rigid insulation is provided by Celotex (sometimes Kingspan or Recticel branded) boards. Thicknesses vary because they are sometimes used in conjunction with one another to achieve the required insulation specification.

Where space is at a premium foiled quilt insulation can be draped over the sheet insulation. Foil products include PhotonFoil, Triso Super 10 Multi-Foil and Hybris

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