Quick-Step Balance Vinyl

Quick-Step’s Livyn flooring is a luxury vinyl. Their vinyl range is designed to brighten the home interior. Combining natural looks and modern materials helps the flooring retains it’s appearance.
Real-life designs
Livyn luxury vinyl range uses multiple combinations of colour and design. This means a range of floors with a unique but authentic appearance. The top layer of the vinyl is fully-sealed with Stain Guard and Scratch Guard technology. This helps protect your vinyl floor from scratches, stains and dirt. The soft, comfortable surface structures also make them comfortable even to barefoot traffic.
Installation made easier
The Uniclic Multifit system for Livyn means installing vinyl floors is faster and easier than ever before. These vinyl floors can be installed quickly depending on choice of vinyl type. Firstly, Balance Click and Click + vinyls use the patented ‘Uniclic Multifit’ click system for fast and easy installation. The vinyl has a sturdy tongue and groove system meaning no glue is required. The boards can be laid with a single click.
Alternatively the Balance Glue vinyls can be used for a more traditional installation. Starting the install with a dry fit the vinyl boards can be prepared for applying the correct vinyl glue adhesive. One or two rows are installed at a time.

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