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Deck Screws

Deck Screws are an important consideration when planning your deck. We stock a wide and varied range of screws suitable for applications including softwood, hardwood decking and composites.

Green Coated Deck Screws

Firstly, our most popular decking screws are the 63mm x 8 (2.5 inches, size 4 in imperial) organic green pozi deck screw.  Lengths of organic green deck screws are 50mm, 63mm and 75mm and they are all available in boxes of 200. If you are constructing a deck of 20 square metres or larger you would be best advised to buy a bucket of 1,000 screws.

Stainless Steel Decking Screws

Our green organic coated screws are given 1000 hours salt spray corrosion resistance rating.  However, if your decking is in close proximity to salt water you would be recommended to purchase stainless steel deck screws.  For hardwood decks the normal deck screw of choice is stainless steel.

How many do I need?

An average deck consumes decking screws at a surprising rate.  AN easy way to calculate is multiply the number of linear metres of decking by 2 and then divide the resultant number by 0.4.  (This assumes that your joists are spaced at 400mm centres, if they are at 500mm centres then divide by 0.5.

Composite Deck Screws

Finally, we stock Millboard and WPC Composite deckboards.  Both manufacturers are very particular that installers use their own branded stainless steel deck fixings.  This emphasises the need to use the correct fixings for an application. Both manufacturers charge the “going rate” for a quality, stainless steel decking screw.

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