Old Hill Ironworks

Old Hill Ironworks produce a superb range of hand-finished ironmongery. Their products are suitable for indoor as well as outdoor use.

Products are manufactured  using a high-quality malleable cast iron . This helps provide increased shock and impact resistance.  Traditional cast iron gate furniture will snap easily due to its brittle nature.  Other powder coatings also tend to chip more easily.

Several features make Old Hill products stand apart. Firstly they are constructed using Stainless Steel internal mechanisms.  Furthermore each product is covered by a 12 year mechanical guarantee.  Secondly the dual powder coating, salt tested to 700 hours makes Old Hill Ironwork a very durable product range.  Finally all Old Hill Ironworks products are supplied with fixings.

The products are made with extremely durable malleable iron base metal. This base metal is shot blasted before the protective coatings are applied.

These products feature two layers of  powder coatings

Inner Coating 

The inner coating is the first layer. An inner zinc rich coating provides a durable layer to protect the base metal.

Outer Coating 

The outer black powder coating is a UV colour fast finish. This reduces the likelihood of fading and oxidisation.


Finally all Old Hill Ironworks products are boxed and components are individually sealed. This reduces the chance of damage whilst in transit.

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