COVID-19 Update: We are delivering and welcoming all customers to our Yard during working hours. Delivery times from the yard to site are running at around 2-5 working days.

Rowlinson Garden Products are finding Covid 19 precautions are affecting their lead times, they are currently (July  2021) advising that most deliveries may take 7 days longer than indicated. Forest Garden are taking longer than shown on their, and our website – some Log Cabins are taking up to 16 weeks.  This is primarily due to much higher demand and fluctuating stock availability – please select here for additional details

Post Supports

Post supports seem to be becoming increasingly necessary with the wet ground conditions.  Different supports are stocked for different situations. Unless otherwise specified all these products are galvanised.

Bolt Down Anchors

Two main types here, standard and flush. First of all, our standard bolt downs are manufactured from heavy duty galvanised steel and ideally should be used with a concrete multi-bolt to secure them to the substrate.  Similarly fix the inserted timber post with a carriage bolt to minimise any movement.

Next, the Flush Fit Anchors are designed for use on hard surface such as concrete or brick. Because of their smaller base plate they can be used where space is at a premium.

Fixed Post Supports 

These products are designed to keep specific sized posts out of any potential standing water. Designed to work with posts from 100mm x 100mm up to 200mm x 200mm.

Adjustable post supports

The Simpson Strong-Tie PPRC Dichomate Adjustable Post Support allows for height adjustments in-situ. Therefore this versatile support allows fine adjustments during and after installation.  This elevated post support can support post sizes from 100mm x 100mm up to a maximum 200mm x 200mm

Split Plate fixings

The Friulsider Split ground plates are designed to be used on non-standard sized posts.  Sawn post are often oversize, especially when wet, and have to be dried or machined to fit.  Decking planed posts can differ in size, for example we stock 95mm, 82mm and 70mm finished planed posts.    Standard post bases and anchors often have to packed out to provide a firm fix.  However, using these Friulsider split ground plates in pairs helps to solve this problem.  They help to provide a quick and secure fit on planed post and sawn posts alike.

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