COVID-19 Update: We are delivering and welcoming all customers to our Yard during working hours. Delivery times from the yard to site are running at around 2-5 working days.

Rowlinson Garden Products are finding Covid 19 precautions are affecting their lead times, they are currently (July  2021) advising that most deliveries may take 7 days longer than indicated. Forest Garden are taking longer than shown on their, and our website – some Log Cabins are taking up to 16 weeks.  This is primarily due to much higher demand and fluctuating stock availability – please select here for additional details

25mm and 38mm Sawn

We keep large stocks of 25mm and 38mm Sawn timbers. They are mainly used for cladding and fencing applications and therefore require no grading. The timbers used are most suitable for rustic, fencing and cladding, non-structural applications.  These boards are usually cut from fast growing trees in UK forests.  Most 25mm carcassing has a finished thickness of 22mm, the 38mm is approximately 35mm

All of our 22mm and 38mm sawn timbers are pressure treated with Tanalith or similar timber preservative. These timbers are intended for use above the ground level, any cross-cuts must be treated with two coats of Ensele end-grain preservative treatment.

The timber will be unspecified softwood, most usually Sitka spruce, and there may be colour variation between boards even from the same pack. Boards will ultimately fade to grey but if colour variation is a problem in the short term it is recommended that the boards are stained earlier in their service life. The boards are stored out of doors and at some times of the year the boards will be damp.

We maintain large stocks of 150mm width sawn timber for use in the agricultural industry. Popular for use as “Yorkshire boarding” in barns and livestock buildings, lengths include 1.8m, 3.0m, 3.6m, 4.2m and 4.8 metres. Deliveries are made daily through most parts of Devon and Cornwall using our own transport fleet.

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