Larger Sections

Larger sections of structural timbers also include Glulams, Douglas fir and larch machined for bespoke buildings. The logs are cut to length, usual lengths are 3.6m, 4.8m and a maximum of 7.4 metres.

Section sizes will depend on log availability, maximum widths tend to be between 250mm and 350mm. Most timber is fine sawn but some finishing will be required by the customer. Where required these timbers can be pressure treated with Tanalith E before leaving the mill

Douglas Fir is an attractive timber and can be cut into large beams, purlins and posts. The fresh cut timber is almost pink when freshly cut but tones down to light brown, or grey when exposed outdoors. Douglas is very versatile and can be used structurally (grades up to maximum C18. Larch is very similar in detail to Douglas but will grade up to C24

Delivery is largely dependent on seasonality; the mills are normally very busy from March to November. We are normally able to advise of approximate lead times when your order is placed. All special orders have to be paid for in advance.

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