Deck Maintenance

  • Greying of deckboards is normal
  • Regular brushing and washing with water
  • Avoid using powerful pressure wash
  • Older decks may need Wood Reviver
  • Stock of Osmo, Rustins, Liberon deck oils
  • Look for signs of damage
  • Replace boards if required


Product Details

Deck maintenance is important because all softwood, and hardwood, deckboards will grey over time due to the effects of sun and weathering. Even worse algae will also start to accumulate and this will be worse in damp areas where the sun and wind do not dry the deck.  Algae is a slip hazard, particularly when the surface is wet.

Regular Maintenance pays

Regular maintenance will keep your deck looking at its best. Give the decking a good brush to remove surface water and leaves. Keep neighbouring bushes and vegetation cut back. If the deck is in good order then it can be gently hosed down.  However, if you are using a power washer then set to gentle, because more powerful settings will improve the appearance temporarily but open the grain.

If the decking looks grey and tired, then a product such as Osmo Wood Reviver should restore the wood back to nearly new! This wood reviver is a gel formulation making it easy to apply with a brush even on vertical structures including newel posts and spindles.

Use Decking Oils

To enhance the deck further we would recommend using a quality decking oil from Osmo, Liberon or Rustins.  In general decking oils will help slow the progress of algae and mould. They will also slow the ingress of water allowing you to brush off any beaded water on the surface. Deck oils with pigment will also revitalise the decks appearance and UV inhibitors be more effective than those in clear oils.  Some oils are specifically formulated for hardwood deckboards, if used on softwood boards the coverage will be significantly reduced.  Full details for product application will be on the tins.

Taking Care during installation

Decaying boards are more difficult to deal with because the damage is invariably done on the installation.  Deck screws should be driven in just below the surface of tanalised timber. If you drill too deep and the protective preservative level may be breached. Other common mistakes include split board ends where screws have been driven in too quickly without a pilot hole.  We still stock our first profiled ex.38 x 125mm deckboard  in case any boards do need replacing

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