OSB Smartply Site Protect

  • 18mm thick OSB3 Sheets
  • Stand size 2440mm x 1220mm
  • Ready “primed” with surface treatment
  • Ideal for finishing with corporate colours
  • Use for temporary site hoarding
  • Also use for security perimeter fence

Product Details

In building situations where temporary or durable hoarding/boarding is required we supply OSB3 boarding – it can even be removed and utilised again providing it has been installed carefully. OSB3 is both strong and versatile making it ideal for temporary buildings or construction site hoarding applications. The boards should be constructed on a timber supporting frame to provide a sturdy, robust barrier to the restricted access area.

In more demanding applications where a smooth finish is necessary, or a longer lasting hoarding is required then we offer SmartPly SiteProtect. This is a moisture resistant OSB3 coated panel specifically designed to save both time and money in more demanding hoarding applications. The OSB board surfaces are ready primed and designed to be used in external applications including temporary hoarding and more permanent construction site security installations. Where required we can supply a double sided OSB3 board, known as SiteProtect Plus, which is ready-primed on both sides

Performance of the SmartPly SiteProtect is largely dependant on prevailing conditions and how long the boards are left exposed, but will also largely depend on the design of the framework, how the panels are fixed and the how they are finished.

When using SiteProtect a post and rail framework with four horizontal rails is recommended for best performance. Alternatively a timber frame arrangement with vertical studs can be utilised, this provides more support for fixings on the long panel edges. Double bottom rails, or noggins, should be fitted to provide edge fixing support for the bottom of the panels which must be at least 50mm above ground level.

Fixings must hold the OSB panels rigidly onto the hoarding frame, they are essential in maintaining a high-quality surface finish when the hoarding is painted on site. Consistency of flush finish is important for appearance; collated screws are recommended by SmartPly

SiteProtect panels are supplied with a ready-finished smooth face and edges, no further priming is required. To finish the installation the boards should receive a liberal finish coating of a high-quality exterior grade oil/solvent based gloss paint system on site.

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