Osmo Polyx Hardwax


Osmo Polyx® Original Oil available 750ml or 2.5L tins. 3032 Clear Satin Oil/ 3044 Raw Oil/ 3062 Clear Matt Oil/ 3065 Semi Matt Oil. These products provide a hardwearing finish while enhancing the natural grain and characteristics of the timber.

Osom Polyx Hardwax Oil Tints available 750ml or 2.5L tins. 3040 White/ 3067 Light Grey/ 3071 Honey/ 3072 Amber/ 3073 Terra/ 3074 Graphite/ 3075 Black. The tints allow a contemporary twist on your floor, MUST be over coated with one of the Polyx oils.

Osmo Rapid Hardwax Oil, available in 750ml or 2.5L tins. 3232 Satin Matt/ 3240 White/ 3262 Matt Clear This range allows for quicker drying times than you would get from the Polyx Original, while still giving a hard-wearing finish on your floor

Key Features

  • Osmo finishes use natural oils & waxes
  • Microporous finish prevents blistering
  • Osmo Original clear Matt or Satin
  • Polyx Raw minimises board darkening
  • Osmo Polyx Tints range of colours
  • Osmo Rapid Polyx where speed vital
  • Choice of 750 ml or 2.5 Litre tins
  • Note: Osmo Polyx is for interior use only

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Product Details

Osmo Polyx has “Green” credentials and has other benefits
Osmo Polyx®-Hardwax Oil is a clear wood finish which combines the advantages of natural oils and waxes in one single product. The product is based on natural vegetable oils and waxes and provides a dirt resistant, water-repellent, abrasion-proof and smooth finish. It is easy to apply with no base coat or sanding required and saves money and time. Along with many other Osmo products this finish is micro-porous and does not crack, flake, peel or blister.

Osmo Polyx can be used where?
Indoors!  It is an interior product, Osmo Polyx is ideal for solid or engineered wooden floors, parquet, OSB, cork flooring, wooden furniture, joinery and doors.  It can be used on desk and work surfaces too

Osmo Polyx Original Clear
Clear Osmo Polyx tones carried in stock at Southern Timber in 750ml and 2.5 Litre tins: 3032 Clear Satin; 3062 Clear Matt and 3065 Clear Semi-Matt. Osmo quote a drying time of 8-10 hours for Polyx Original in ideal conditions

Osmo Polyx Raw
Osmo Polyx Raw 3044 uses a minimal amount of white pigment to retain the natural light colour tones of raw wood – traditional finishes tend to darken or yellow the natural wood colours. Polyx Raw 3044 is designed for lightly coloured woods only and shouldn’t be over applied, it can lead to the white pigments being visible in some areas.

Osmo Polyx Tints
The Polyx range of tints maintains the renowned properties of the original Polyx®-Oil but includes tints for increased creativity. Colour tints available: 3040 White; 3067 Light grey; 3071 Honey: 3072 Amber; 3073 Terra; 3074 Graphite and 3075 Black.

Osmo Polyx Rapid
For anybody requiring a quicker drying product we also carry the Osmo Rapid products. Osmo Polyx Rapid codes are 3262 for Matt; 3232 for Satin and 3240 for White.  Osmo quote a drying time of 4-6 hours for Osmo Rapid in ideal conditions


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