Plaswood Plastic Lumber


  • Ideal for use with composite decks
  • Long service life
  • Joist and Posts in stock
  • Fully recycled UK product
  • Durability in Marine environment
  • No painting or maintenance
  • Resistant to insect attack


Product Details

Plaswood deck supports

Plaswood is a recycled plastic product ideal for using as deck supports, ideally for composite decking. This long life material has been manufactured by BPI  in Scotland since 1995.  Plaswood is made from waste agricultural plastics, mainly used silage stretch wrap and crop cover. Silage stretch wrap is a preferred source for Plaswood, because it is a superior and stronger raw material.

Used agricultural films can be heavily contaminated with soil, animal waste, grass and other non-polythene materials. On average  for every 1000 kilos of waste/scrap arriving at the BPI recycling factory, only 450 kilos is polythene. The remaining 550 kilos is contamination which must be removed before recycling and re-manufacturing can commence. In the UK the only other legal option, for farmers, to dispose of their agricultural waste is sending it to landfill.

At BPI all recovered waste films are washed, cleaned, and eventually recycled into pellets. These pellets made from the recycling process are used to manufacture Plaswood. The Plaswood manufacturing processes lead to significant reductions in raw material usage, energy consumption and carbon emissions.  All this waste material recovered and recycled would otherwise be landfill.

For every tonne of recycled polythene there is a saving of 1.8 tonnes of crude oil, emissions of sulphur dioxide are reduced by 33%, nitrous oxide by 60%, and water usage reduces by 90%. We have won a number of awards for our ‘closed loop’ initiatives and 100% recycled products such as Plaswood, Visqueen Building Films and The Green Sack refuse bags.

Environmental benefits of Plaswood include:

  • Plaswood is Eco Friendly, produced using 100% recycled polythene l
  • It provides a realistic alternative to Hardwood
  • Durability, in the marine environment Plaswood has a lifespan of at least ten times the timber alternative
  • Plaswood is fully recyclable, at the end of its use it can be used for further re-manufacture
  • The product is completely inert, no leaching of chemicals

Key benefits of Plaswood Lumber include:

  • Plaswood does not rot or degrade with age
  • It does not require any painting or chemical treatment prior to use
  • Plaswood is tough, durable and strong, it will not crack or dry and is resistant to attacks by insects
  • Plaswood is more resistant to graffiti due to the nature of its surface
  • Can easily be designed for use in conjunction with other materials

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