Decking built into the bank

Making the most of a sloping garden

Project Date: 02/09/2015
Project Duration: 4 Weeks
Main Supplier: Southern Timber

Key Project Details

The customer wanted to make the most of their sloping garden, the furthest part of which was largely unusable.  Chris from Clipper Garden Services was approached for ideas and prices, the customer decided to make a larger terraced area and then have a decking area to project out further towards the main part of the garden.

Clipper Garden Services cleared the levels at the top of the garden, the structural integrity was to be maintained with metal gabions and Scottish pebbles. Most of the topsoil was cleared, holes dug and then posts concreted into place to provide the main supports for the new decking framework. Weed suppressing fabric was also laid beneath the gabions and the planned decking area.

Decking joists were calculated at 400mm centres and any off cuts were used as noggins. Planed posts for the balustrade were bolted between the supporting joists and the glass balustrading fitted before any deck boards were laid.

Stairs at the side of the deck were finished and the deckboards were laid so any surface water runs away onto the gravelled area at the front and side of the deck.

  • Materials Used

    Once the ground was cleared a ledge was excavated for the gabions.  Twelve 100mm sawn posts were concreted into place and then twin joists were bolted to the posts to provide support for the main deck frame.

    The deck frame was constructed with 100mm tanalised joists at 400mm centres, the frame then strengthened with noggins.  Design of the main supports allowed for the 100mm planed balustrade posts to be fixed between the twin joists.  Glass dek panels had been chosen so that visibility was maintained from the house right up to the newly landscaped areas.

    Decking stringers were positioned at the side of the deck for building the stairs access with solid 41mm spindles and handrail to the side.  The front of the deck has been fully clad with shiplap but plenty of ventilation is provided with diamond lattice at the side.