COVID-19 Update: We are delivering and welcoming all customers to our Yard during working hours. Delivery times from the yard to site are running at around 2-5 working days.

Rowlinson Garden Products are finding Covid 19 precautions are affecting their lead times, they are currently (April  2021) advising that most deliveries will be 21-28 days from placing the initial order. Forest Garden are taking longer than shown on their, and our website – some Log Cabins are taking up to 12-14 weeks.  This is primarily due to much higher demand and fluctuating stock availability – please select here for additional details

Changes at Southern Timber

26th July 2020

Business Hours and Yard Opening Times

The Yard is currently open for collections from 7.30am until 4.00pm from Monday to Friday. We ask all customers to respect the 7.30-9.00am slot for our Trade customers who have priority for collection between these times. Our office telephones are open for an hour longer, from 07.30 until 5.00pm from Monday to Friday. We are not currently opening Saturdays because we believe our staff need the extra rest.


Changes in Yard Collections

When arriving at the Yard please call into the main Office to make your order and pay for your products before collecting any timber.  You will be issued with an Invoice and may then proceed into the Yard and load-up your purchases. When you have loaded your vehicle and ready to leave our premises your Invoice you must have your load checked against the Invoice before departure.  This procedure is to minimise the chances of somebody collecting products that have already been purchased for delivery.


The “new normal”

As of Friday 24th July, we expect all customers without medical conditions to wear face coverings in enclosed areas. To ensure everyone’s safety, our team will be wearing coverings when customer facing.

Please adhere to social distancing guidelines and do not enter the site if you have symptoms of COVID-19. There are stations on site for customers to sanitise their hands and we would like to encourage all those entering the site to use these.

Changes at Southern Timber

Social distancing and Face protection