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Siberian Larch Cladding now in stock

25th February 2021

Siberian Larch Cladding

Siberian Larch Shadowgap Cladding is a good alternative to Western Red Cedar.  The Siberian Larch is imported from Russia but has been affected to a lesser degree by the exchange rate.  It is grown very slowly, making it very dense and durable.   Siberian Larch may contain more knots than the Western Red Cedar and is generally paler in colour.

Siberian Larch Shadow Gap

Shadow gap boards are machined so that each board fits together with adjoining boards to allow dimensional movement.  This profile maintains it’s weatherproof integrity and provide an interesting contemporary finish.  The boards can be fitted horizontally or vertically.  Siberian Larch is well positioned where customers can’t justify the cost of Western Red Cedar but want similar benefits (stability, durability, aesthetics etc).  Siberian Larch is around half the price of WR Cedar based on the current (2021) market  (where Cedar prices have increased substantially).  Our Siberian larch boards are kiln-dried down to a moisture content of 18-25% to increase stability.

Siberian Larch Grades

We will be stocking only Unsorted Grade Siberian larch,which is the highest available commercial grade.  The boards have natural durability.  These shadow gap larch boards are ex 25mm x 150mm and finish at 18mm thick with a cover of approximately 126mm. A profile drawing is available along with images of a recent Siberian larch installation. Siberian Larch boards should be fixed with stainless steel screws or nails.  We supply a selection of stainless steel annular nails from 25mm to 75mm. Boards should be face fixed rather than secret nailed.  Our Siberian Larch Board lengths are normally either 3 or 4 metres. Board colours are  normally light brown hues and will begin to grey naturally within 12-24 months. However Osmo UV-Protection Oils include clear and pigmented products will help to slow down the UV greying process.

There are several other options for those looking for external cladding.

Western Red Cedar Cladding

Canadian Western Red Cedar is a brilliant and unique material.  This remarkable softwood is light, stable, durable, machines well, is striking in appearance and is sustainable. Although Western Red Cedar is grown in the moderate climate of the United Kingdom, it grows relatively quickly and the quality suffers as a result.  This means that most Western Red Cedar for external cladding is imported from colder climates of British Columbia in North America.

James Hardie Fibre Cement

Another great alternative is James Hardie fibre cement cladding.  HardiePlank offers the natural beauty of timber combined with the durability of fibre cement.   HardiePlank is fire, moisture, rot and pest resistant and is available in a wide range of colours

Finally for more information on our cladding options visit our dedicated web pages on Siberian Larch, Western Red Cedar and HardiePlank. If your cladding is for a utility building, or a project where cost is paramount then view our tanalised shiplap.  Alternatively call us on 01803 813803.


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